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My school district (USD 253) has started a wellness program for staff members.  Part of that program includes the chance for employees to enroll in different wellness classes offered through the district. At the beginning of February I started a class called Wellness Every Day.

Part of the class involves using a web-based program to keep track of daily activity and nutrition.  What a wake-up call this has been as I’ve been tracking both my food and my daily activity.

The online program we are using is a USDA website called SuperTracker ( The site is free for anyone to use, you simply have to create a profile and give some information about yourself – how much weight you want to lose, how much physical activity you want to do, etc.

So far, this has been such a motivating tool for me.  It makes me much more cognizant of what I am eating on a daily basis (there is SO MUCH sodium in packaged foods), makes me really think about what activities get me moving (also my Fitbit flex helps with that) and keeps me drinking more water. I’ve seen lower numbers both times I’ve weighed since starting the program, which is a step in the right direction to being happier with my body.

Part of what I love about the tool is that it allows you to build recipes into the tracker.  Instead of trying to estimate how many noodles I ate and how much meat was in the spaghetti, I can actually put in my recipe and also list how many servings the recipe is and it breaks it down for you – it’s awesome!

I know that I will continue to use the site long after the class ends because it has been so helpful so far! Coming up soon, I’ll share some awesome recipes I’ve made that have really been terrific and have been healthy too!





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