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Photo a Day Challenge – Days 47-53

Day 47 – N is for New Recipe

Okay, so I really love, love, love to cook. The problem is that I rarely take the time to actually put together a nice meal for just myself.  Today we had inservice at school and I decided that I would take some extra time for my meal tonight and make a new recipe.  I decided to make a chicken pot pie…and it was as delicious as it looks!



Day 48 – O is for Out of Control!!

The weather forecasters had been promising snow for a few days, and they were right…it started snowing around 2:45 and we had a good coverage by 3:30 – there were HUGE flakes and the ground was completely covered within a short amount of time.  It didn’t stick around very long, but it was pretty while it was happening.



Day 49 – P is for…Paw Prints

It’s always interesting to me when we have snow on the ground because you get to see all of the animals that walk around your yard at night. I know that we have cats in the neighborhood, and we definitely had some walking around last night!



Day 50 – Q is for…Quote

This was a difficult one for me today…finding a good Q word was not easy, so I went with quote.  I’ve seen this quote everywhere lately and so I decided to make it the subject of today’s photo.



Day 51 – R is for…Reading

While I love my job, it doesn’t always leave me a lot of time to do some of my most favorite things.  Sure, I get to read articles, leads, quick writes, etc. that my students write, but I don’t always have a lot of time to read what I really want to read.  I have stacks upon stacks of books that I really want to get to (at some point) but it hasn’t happened yet.  I did read a book this weekend…which I’ll blog about later. I’m ready for Spring Break, so maybe I can dig into some of these books.



Day 52 – S is for…slow shutter speed (that’s THREE s words)

There are lots of S words out there, but I’d been wanting to do a slow shutter speed picture for awhile.  Even though I’m not super happy with how this one turned out, it does resemble a heart…and it did sort of turn out.  I can’t wait until summer and sparklers – so I can do a cooler slow shutter speed picture.



Day 53 – T is for…Time (and never having enough)

I spent most of the afternoon and early evening at school today, working on a video for the boys swim banquet tomorrow night.  Yes, I could have not procrastinated until the day before the event…but you know how that goes.  It always feels like I’m being pulled in 75 different directions and time is at a premium some days.  So, today…a photo of the clock given to me my first summer at Rock Springs.  I was selected as the summer staffer of the year – and I have the clock on my desk at school.



Photo a Day Challenge – Days 40-46

Day 40 – H is for…Hank

These alphabet days have been an interesting challenge. I knew as soon as today was the letter H that it would have to feature Hank.  I mean, come on, he’s the most adorable dog ever…right? Even though he’s blind, he’s the most active dog and still loves to play fetch and go on walks. One of my favorite things about him is that when I talk to him he always cocks his head to the side – so I can get adorable shots like the one below.



Day 41 – I is for…Insulin

I was a difficult one…I thought of ice (the weather didn’t cooperate), I thought of ice cream (even though we didn’t have ice, it was a little chilly for ice cream)…and then I thought about something I do every day, twice a day…give Hank his insulin shot. Although my very first time I tried to give him his shot I accidentally stabbed myself, I have now become a pro at the twice daily shot.


Day 42 –  J is for…Jewelry

Now that scarf season is almost over (tear…) I’ve started to be on the lookout for fun, funky jewelry to add to my spring wardrobe. I found this fun necklace the other day at Maurice’s – and I LOVE it.


Day 43 – K is for…K-State

This one was a no-brainer.  I love my alma mater. I love going back to visit, I love watching the games (in person or on TV), I love reminiscing with friends, I love it all.  K-State is just a friendly place – and I’m proud to count myself as a Wildcat for life.



Day 44 – L is for…Laura

As much as I hate pictures of myself (there’s a reason that I became a photographer), I knew that today’s photo would have to include me.  So, although selfies aren’t normally my thing, day 44 of 2015 is L is for Laura.



Day 45 – Something Red

Today was a deviation from the alphabet…with only 26 letters in the alphabet and 28 days in February (it should be 29, but that’s another topic) there was the need for a few different days.  It made sense that today was different because it was Valentine’s day! I had a great day and I really love getting flowers, so it was fitting that I got a red rose today which totally fit with “something red.”



Day 46 – M is for…Music

Today’s letter was one that I had lots of ideas for. I finally settled on music – which is something that is important to me.  As we approach the Lenten season at church, we also approach a time where I get to sing my favorite song. “Abide With Me” is one of my absolute favorite church hymns.  I can’t wait until Wednesday when we will sing it for the first time of the year!



Next week will be a week of more alphabet!! Coming up is N, O, P, Q, R, S, and T.

Photo a Day Challenge, days 33-39

This was the first week of “F is for February” where each day must represent a letter in some way.  It was a unique challenge – and some days went better than others.

Day 33 – “A”

On “black Friday” – which we all know is now actually the day of Thanksgiving…I found a great new decoration for my classroom. I had wanted to do a twitter board with “who to follow” – including twitter accounts that would be good for my journalism students to follow.  When I saw the @ sign at Kohl’s on sale, I knew it would be perfect.  Couldn’t have found a more perfect subject for “A.”



Day 34 – “B”

This week is show week at EHS – the theatre and music students are presenting “Babes in Toyland” and today happened to be the day of the dress rehearsal that we used for the yearbook photos. How perfect?! B is for “Babes in Toyland.” I really enjoy shooting musicals and plays – and this was no exception.



Day 35 – “C”

All I could think about when I heard the letter “C” was cookies!! Anyone who is from Emporia, went to ESU or has spent any time in Emporia knows the wonder that is a Reeble’s sugar cookie…they are amazing. I grabbed a few while I was grocery shopping…and even took a bite out of one to make it look like a C!



Day 36 – “D”

It, as always, has been one crazy week. Today was no exception – I had hall duty in the morning, today was my day with no plan time, then I went straight to work the Scholar’s Bowl tournament after school. When I finally got home around 8:30, I was definitely tired. So, today, D is for “dog tired.”



Day 37 – E

I took tons of pictures tonight at the EHS basketball game, but I didn’t take the time to upload those photos yet…so for “E” I decided to just get a picture of one of the cheerleader’s bows…



Day 38 – F

Today was an awesome day full of friends, food, and crafts…the craft just happened to be a decorated Frame – couldn’t have been more perfect to go with today’s theme.



Day 39 – “G”

We have had some unbelievably gorgeous weather over the last couple of days – and as I was driving downtown to attend a student’s Eagle Scout ceremony, I noticed just how pretty the courthouse looked with the bright blue sky and clouds behind it. So today is not only gorgeous, but you get a little splash of government too!



The alphabet continues this next week…which will be another crazy one! Until next time!

Photo a Day Challenge Days 26-32

It was another fun week of creativity and taking pictures…with some prompts that even stumped me for a little bit!

Day 26: Together

For me, nothing goes better together than a good book and some hot tea or coffee – mix that with a free night of no grading and you’ve got a GREAT night.  I’m currently obsessed with Tazo Joy tea…it’s SO good!!


Day 27: Sun

It couldn’t have been a more gorgeous day at the end of January than today was. It was warm, it was sunny, and it was perfect to get a “sun” picture.  I did take an “artsy” sun shot that I thought about using for today’s photo, but while I was taking that, someone decided they should also join in the fun outside…Atticus. He actually made it out to the porch before I wrangled him back inside the house.


Day 28: Grow

There is NOTHING growing right now because it is the middle of winter, so I decided to take a new spin off of this idea and grow my talents as a photographer.  I had seen some projects on Pinterest using Bokeh photography (where images are intentionally blurred) and one used a cut out placed over the lens to make a really cool image.  I decided to go with hearts and incorporated some Christmas lights to get the image – I’m pretty proud of how it turned out for a first try!


Day 29: Nature

Once again, nature was difficult to capture with a dreary winter landscape, so, while I was at Wal-Mart I decided to get a picture of some of their flowers. While I was hoping they had some sunflowers (my favorite and which would have been perfect for today being Kansas day), I had to make do with some sunny daisies.


Day 30: Down

This day was probably my hardest so far this year.  It was Glacier’s Edge crazy 4-game day, so I was busy from 7 in the morning (when I got to school) until about 10 p.m. (when the games ended) As I was heading out the building, I though I could take a photo looking down from the yearbook computer lab…so that’s how I got today’s shot.


Day 31: Favorite

There were a lot of things I could have picked for my favorite, but I decided to take a photo of my favorite pup, Hank, with his favorite toy.  We were playing tug of war with his fox in this picture. It’s amazing how much he still loves to play and fetch even though he’s blind. He was excited I spent much of the evening at home instead of abandoning him like I had the two days prior.


Day 32: You Today

We finally made it to February – and we started this month much like we started the last one – with “you today”. I am not a huge selfie fan, but I bit the bullet and took one today.



The month of January is finished and I made it taking a new photo each day! Wahoo! For the month of February, each day (besides today and Valentine’s day) is going to be focused around a letter…that should make for some interesting shots!!


Photo a Day Challenge – Days 19-25

It was another busy week at school, but I will still able to get all of the daily shots. 25 days down!!

Day 19 – Sweet

I am MUCH more of a salty snack fan, so I hardly ever have any sweets in my house.  However, I had a few Hershey kisses leftover from a Christmas gift someone had given me.  I decided to do a nice close up – to make it a little more interesting.



Day 20 – What You Do

It was appropriate that today’s prompt was “what you do” because today was my no plan day.  So, from 7:48-3:24 I was VERY busy – We’ve gotten proofs back for the yearbook pages, We are trying to incorporate new social media into our newspaper class, my video students are working on a PSA for contest, my digital photography students are learning some more photo techniques, my intro to video kids are finalizing their bios and my 21st Century kids had their first interviews – all of this adds up to a busy day…which I all keep track of with my planner.



Day 21 – Reflection

I had NO idea what I was going to do on this day, until I was in the copy room and noticed a bunch of mirrors… I went back and grabbed a camera from my classroom and captured this shot – definitely interesting looking…



Day 22 – Your Shoes

I knew right away what I would shoot for today’s photo a day challenge…so, when I got home from school, I grabbed my purple “chucks” and set them up to spell the word love…I was ready to go, until Hank – my dog – decided to get involved in the photo shoot. Well, Hank took a trip outside and the set up began again.  I LOVE this pic!



Day 23 – Something Old

One of the benefits of working with the yearbook classes is that my room houses the yearbooks from the last 103 years.  The very first book from 1911 is still in relatively good shape and my students love to look at the old yearbooks – whether it’s to make fun of their parents who also went to EHS or just look at the crazy haircuts and clothes. These books are the late 1910s and 1920s.



Day 24 – Stripes

Today was the Stripe Bramlage game in the men’s basketball game against Oklahoma State…each section was to wear either purple or white – and it ended up making stripes around Bramlage. That would have been perfect…however, I wasn’t able to go to the game today, because I was working wrestling all day…so, a few scarves from my collection provided my stripes today.



Day 25 – Landscape

On this cloudy, windy day I headed out to the country around Emporia and captured a couple of different shots – the one I liked the most when I got back home was this one of a fence post with the hills behind. Always a good way to unwind – just driving some backroads and enjoying the countryside.



This week we’ll finish up the last week in January – almost 1/12th of the way done!!

Photo a Day Challenge – Days 12-18

Another week of 2015 is in the books and that means another 7 pictures make their appearance on my blog.  I love how each day these prompts challenge my creativity and allow me to come up with my own spin on things – some days are easy…and the photo basically presents itself. Other days, it takes a little work on my part to make the perfect picture.

Day 12: Close-Up

While getting a macro lens is on my list of camera wants, you can still get quality close up shots without the aide of a special lens (although I did find an interesting article on how to turn your “everyday” lens into a macro lens.  While Hank has made an appearance already in my photo a day challenge, Atticus hadn’t gotten a moment in the spotlight yet…so, I thought I’d introduce you to Atticus (or at least a portion of him).



Day 13: Square

This one stumped me for a bit – and then, all of a sudden I thought of a Rubik’s cube. Now, the problem was where to get a Rubik’s cube! Luckily, as a teacher, I figured my colleagues in the math department might have one – and they did.  It was even solved! I had a student pick it up when it was in my possession and I was so worried that he would mess it up – and that I would have no way to get it solved!!



Day 14: Something White

So, the weather forecast was perfect for today! It was supposed to snow, so I was excited to get some white pictures with the flakes…well, the weather didn’t turn out as planned…so it was back to the brainstorming phase.  I had NO idea what I was going to do until I saw this Pinterest project I did a couple of years back.  While it was VERY simple – paint letters white and glue them on a white canvas, I think it’s a fun decoration!



Day 15: Drive

It seems like Thursday is my day to roam the countryside to find a good shot for this photo a day challenge…and I couldn’t love that more.  Today I chose to head north of town and check out some gravel roads for my shot.  I stayed at school for a meeting and didn’t get out of there until around 5, so I had to head out immediately (and left my DSLR at home).  I got a good shot with my phone, but I was kicking myself because I saw a fox sitting near a tree line in one of the fields I passed and could have captured a good shot had I had my normal camera.



Day 16: Morning

Most days I head into school before the sun really comes up – and am in school until right as the sun is setting…which is part of the reason that winter can start to wear on me. I planned ahead and brought along my camera to school, so I could capture the sun coming up as I headed into school.  I probably should have taken a picture of myself hitting snooze…as that often happens, especially on Friday mornings!



Day 17: Something You Bought

As bad as this sounds, I could have taken several pictures of things I bought today…with a trip to Manhattan to see a K-State Men’s Basketball game, there were the normal stops at favorite restaurants (So Long Saloon – and Willie’s this time), a mandatory visit to the K-State Superstore (I always need more t-shirts, right?), and, of course, the tickets themselves.  However, I chose to go ahead and take a shot of my big purchase from last weekend…isn’t this a beauty?!



Day 18: Shadow

While this is technically not a shadow…I think a silhouette gives off the same feel – and I had it in my mind that I was going to take pictures of birds on a wire…so, that’s what I shot!



I’m loving getting out and forcing myself to take pictures. We’re nearing the end of the month and I can’t wait to see what the daily themes will be as the rest of the year goes on.  The next challenges include some that will really make me think!

Photo a Day Challenge (Days 5-11)

It was another full week of pictures – and I am glad that I got to use some skills that I don’t often get to practice with my camera.

Day Five: The #15

I really wasn’t feeling anything with the actual number 15 in it, so as I was preparing my classroom for the new semester, I thought it would be fun to do a low aperture photo and include 15 items in the picture. My only regret with this photo is that I didn’t have one more gray, black or purple marker…so there is the one “pink” marker in the photo.


Day Six: Makes You Smile

Even though he sometimes drives me a little crazy…Hank does make me smile most of the time.  He’s been VERY into playing with his Christmas presents lately – and he wanted me to throw his Rudolph when I was taking this picture.



Day Seven: Street

I really enjoy shooting long exposure pictures. You are able to capture many images that you can’t normally see.  When I saw today’s prompt was “street” I knew I wanted to take a long exposure picture to get some light trails in the photo.  My only regret is not being in a big enough city because it could have made more of an impact.



Day Eight: Your Sky

I LOVE sunset in the Flint Hills.  I was hoping for a good one tonight, and it didn’t disappoint! I decided to shoot out in the country and found a cool clump of trees and used that as a point of interest in the photo.



Day Nine: Daily Routine

Each day starts the same.  (It used to start more often than not with Starbucks, but that gets too expensive). I usually bring my own coffee or have some Tazo Joy tea (seriously, it’s the best) and start the day by checking email and finalizing plans for the day.



Day Ten: One o’clock

There was no way I was getting up at 1 a.m., so I decided to take a picture of what I was doing at 1 p.m. – I got to spend the day with two of my good friends, starting with lunch at Radius Brewing Company and followed by shopping Emporia.  What a great way to spend a Saturday (without having to think about school stuff!!)



Day Eleven: Water

I LOVE water droplet pictures, so I decided to try one out – while it was a little difficult to take without an assistant to control the droplets a little better, I was still able to achieve what I wanted in today’s picture.



Here’s to another week in the books! I can’t wait to start next week’s photos!